Thursday, 9 September 2010

Engineer's Preliminary Plan

Thought I'd post this one up for all those aspiring or would-be engineers that might be interested in taking a peek.

What this plan shows is the engineer's layout for the ground floor and of particular interest is the steelwork that needs to be installed to remove all the walls that are now shown to be missing.

You will notice that the majority of the walls that used to make the Adam and Eve a fairly dingy, inefficient and claustrophobic layout have gone, to be replaced by a relatively open area with more 'front to back visibility'. However, there will be a number of columns installed to ensure the first and second floors don't merge to become the ground floor (so to speak), but this should help to add character to the bar area. The intention is to have the bar in the centre of the ground floor immediately in front of the staircase.

There will also be access to a room at the rear of the property that you may not have known even existed - it was used as a storage area accessible only from outside. This might allow for a second access point to the garden in the future.

Anyway, we'd be very interested in hearing your views on these proposed changes!