Friday, 3 September 2010

The Adam and Eve Gets a Face Lift.

Well, actually more of a chemical peel, really.

The more observant among us might have noticed that a firm of brick cleaners has been working on the Adam and Eve recently, in an effort to try to remove a century's worth of grime from the brickwork (and in particular some of the South facing elevations at the rear of the property that are exposed to the elements).

The results have been quite pleasing on the whole, and while it can be difficult to appreciate the work they have done whilst the sacffold is still up, hopefully once it's down, we'll all be able to see a much cleaner and brighter pub.

Meanwhile work continues at quite a pace internally. We're still awaiting final architect and engineer drawings, but we've been able to get on with quite a bit upstairs. Hope to have further images and updates very soon.