Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Wild Harvest

The first in a series of posts over the coming weeks that will showcase some of our suppliers and explains a little about where our ingredients come from.

Based in London's New Covent Garden Market, Wild Harvest supplies the very finest seasonal ingredients to top restaurants around the UK. We have used Wild Harvest for three years now and continue to do so at the Adam and Eve to supply us with some of the best mushrooms and funghi available on the market.

The mushrooms used in our dishes are all seasonally sourced from around the UK and Europe, and are freshly delivered four times a week (or more when demand requires). The photos included here were taken yesterday morning at the Adam and Eve when the delivery arrived.

So to the rather inebriated gentleman at the weekend who insisted that the mushrooms on his plate had come out of a tin...."I don't think so, sir..."