Monday, 6 December 2010


Did you know that by signing up to our newsletter (click here) and entering your date of birth (no need to give the correct year, for those that are a little sensitive...), you will receeive a birthday email ('big deal' I hear you say) that also contains an offer to help you celebrate - currently a bottle of house red/white wine ('ahhh, much better').

For those that perhaps 'forgot' to enter their birth date when signing up, or were never given the option, there is a link on every newsletter sent out to you, that allows you to edit your details and enter information that might have been ommitted first time.

On another topic, we have had a few people ask when our 'proper' website will go online (cheek). Well, we are currently working on that, and the chap who was responsible for designing the interior of the pub, is designing the website also. We hope to include perhaps a 'mini blog' to allow us to continue to tell you all about what's going on here (...if that's what you want??).

All the best for now.