Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Sourcing Materials

Ahead of the open evening on Thursday 30th September (7.30pm start), I thought it might be interesting to post up a couple of details of what we will be putting back into the Adam and Eve now that we've spent so much time and effort ripping stuff out.

We've been scouring the country (well, the South East part at least!) to find materials that will 'fit' with the intended new look. Probably the biggest challenge in this regard was the bar itself, as it is such a central and important item in a pub.

The old bar was, frankly, awful. It was made of ply painted (badly) to look like 'real' wood, and in any case it was in the wrong position and had rotted. We looked at a number of reclaimed bars that might have done the job, but just lacked real character or 'history', and we were starting to despair at the lack of options until we stumbled upon an old barn in the middle of a field in Surrey.

The barn was crammed full of artefacts, furniture, doors, roofs, woodwork, etc etc reclaimed from mansion houses and churches across the South East. Tucked away in the corner, covered in dust and hidden from view by a pile of pews, was a length of character Victorian panelling....we had found our new bar.

The image gives you some idea of what it looks like, but you won't be able to appreciate it fully until it has been reconstructed and has taken pride of place.

*** UPDATE ***
After a lot of investigative work we have found out exactly where the panelling originated from: a now demolished country mansion near Ascot, formerly named 'Rosewood', picture attached.