Monday, 27 September 2010

More Materials

The search goes on to find suitable materials for the Adam and Eve, and we are conscious that we don't really want to be filling the place with brand new fittings and materials which often lack character or a 'history'. It's also far more environmentally friendly and sustainable to use reclaimed or previously owned items wherever possible or practical.

Our latest find was the parquet flooring that we sourced from a reclaimers yard just outside St Albans. It's a beautiful, rich chocolatey, hardwood with a hint of redness which we intend simply brushing down, lightly sanding and oiling. We are still tracing where it was reclaimed from, and soon as we know, we'll post it up here.

At the same reclaimers yard we were lucky enough to find nine holophane light fittings that have cleaned up really nicely (with the help of a little caustic soda), which we hope to install over the bar.

Most of the materials will be available on Thursday night at the open evening. Please remember that it will be a building site that you will be stepping into, so dressing appropriately might be sensible, and the WCs will probably not be up and running ( have been warned!).