Monday, 2 August 2010

First few days.

We've had the keys since last Thursday, work started on Friday and we're already moving at quite a pace. Within hours of starting the frankly enormous skip that sits outside in the front carpark was full of old carpets, sofas and other assorted rubbish - the detritus of decades (oh, and thank you to whoever kindly deposited their unwanted furniture on Saturday night sometime...).

Have we found anything of interest yet? Well, we have found quite an attractive glazed partition that was hidden behind plasterboard - I believe it would have formed the division when Adam and Eve used to be a two-bar layout. We'll try to renovate it and include it somewhere in the new layout at a later date. Other than that, we've found three wasp nests (one of which was probably the size of a filing cabinet), some old pub signs (that the rot has eaten) and an empty safe (says it all really).

We also believe that the Adam and Eve pub sign that I remember from my schoold days (some 30 years ago) is the one that currently hangs outside - it has been painted over with black paint, but we hope to carefully remove that and restore the sign to former glory.

Many thanks to all those who have been passing-by and popped in to express an interest in what we're doing - it is always very encouraging to hear that people are behind the effort we are making. Thanks also to Terry who popped in and took a look around (hope the brass drip trays were put to good use!).

We hope to set up a visitors book to stay in touch with people popping in.