Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The sound of dragging heels.

It's been nearly a month since the last post that hinted that things were starting to pick up pace, and that an end to the whole protracted affair of trying to acquire the Adam and Eve in Mill Hill was in sight. So, four weeks down the line are we any closer? Well, sort of.

The whole process has been massively frustrating from the start, not only for us but equally for the incumbant tenant who has been stuck with the financial and emotional burden of a closed pub. The root cause of the frustration is the speed at which Pubco and the firm of solicitors it has chosen to instruct, move. Even the most minor query/question appears to take an absolute age to get answered - the most straighforward requests take forever to be fulfilled. It is little wonder that ever since Heineken's purchase of S&N was completed, Heineken have spent vast amounts of money keeping S&N financially solvent.

Talking of Heineken, we were even forced to the extreme measure of phoning Heineken's head office in Amsterdam to bring to their attention the conduct of certain individuals within the S&N organisation. Needless to say, they were 'very concerned' at what they heard (but then, aren't they always) and promised to investigate the matter fully. Whilst this tactic certainly got things moving (and hence the previous posts), they still have not reported back as to the why we found ourselves in that position in the first place.

So where are we now? Well, almost there, but then I've been thinking that for three or four months now, and any efficient organisation would have had this wrapped up a very long time ago. Unfortunately, we are now entering holiday season and key personel at Pubco will be away, no doubt slowing the process down to a stand-still. But, hey, we live in hope!!