Monday, 26 July 2010

Fantastic News!

Finally the news we've been waiting seven months (!) to hear - we are going to have the keys to the Adam and Eve pub in Mill Hill in our grubby little hands this Thursday (29th July) and we can finally get going with our plans to refurbish the pretty down-at-heel building.

I had a call from Pubco this morning confirming that the hand-over will take place mid-morning on Thursday. We will receive the keys to the property and be officially 'welcomed' by pubco, Scottish and Newcastle after negotiating for what now seems like years.

The Mill Hill Times have also run a piece on our plans to re-open what is an historic pub location in Mill Hill Village:

We are really looking forward now to drawing up plans for moving the kitchen and toilets upstairs, opening up the ground floor area as much as possible, creating a function room on the first floor, and refurbishing the whole property including the rather shabby outside.

The hard work is about to begin!!