Monday, 21 June 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel...?

So, after many weeks and months of relative inactivity, there now seems to be a flurry of interest to get all the outstanding 'issues' sorted before hell freezes over (which, if this summer is anything to go by so far, will be pretty soon).

Having said that, we're still battling with various standard clauses in the pubco's lease. For example, the 'reinstatement' clause - we spend a significant amount on getting the place into shape (and it really needs some considerable work done to it), but the Pubco could still insist on us reinstating the pub back to its original form when we leave???

But we're talking to someone now who seems to want to inject a pinch of common sense, so perhaps some of these can be ironed out in the next week. We may even have been able to get the existing tenant a refund for some of his lost rent, which would be a fair outcome, as he has suffered a bit at the Pubco's hands recently.

So let's see what the new week brings!