Thursday, 2 December 2010

We are open!!

After a great deal of planning and head scratching, four months of very hard work from a great set of talented builders, some frayed nerves, one or two 'heated' discussions, fun and games with various organisations (thank you to the utility companies for the stress!), more than a little consultation with some very helpful and knowledgeable locals, many hours of searching through antique markets, reclamation yards, barns, people's garden sheds (with their permission I hasten to add), weeks of kitchen building, some excellent advice from our designer friend (massive thank you to Farhan @ Big Frank), a sprinkling of sleepless nights and a massive dollop of luck, the new Adam and Eve finally opened its doors again yesterday!!

We really hope that people liked what they saw yesterday (and from what I heard from those that I managed to chat to, you certainly seemed to approve of the changes).

Of course there are some small glitches to iron out and bits and pieces to refine and improve on, and we look for your help in the coming days and weeks to assist us in getting it right for you!

Anyway, hope to see you soon at the new A&E....and the blog doesn't stop here...