Friday, 19 November 2010

Still on Course!!!

Just a brief note to let everyone know that we are still on course to open the Adam and Eve on the 1st December 2010.

The first floor rooms, kitchen and WCs are all finished, and the bar area floor is down, bar built and ale fonts installed. In fact it's almost all done save for some of the bar equipment yet to be installed and some minor decorating.

Of course we still have a great deal of fun and games to come with the snagging and installing all the furniture and various other bits and pieces (including pictures that we now find ourselves mounting and framing ourselves!!).

The garden is yet to be fully attacked, but our friends at Finchley Nurseries and Pondlife Aquatics are helping us with this so we're pretty relaxed about it (and really quite excited to see what they can do!).

Anyway, got to run, there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the days at the moment!!