Thursday, 21 October 2010

Scaffold and Scones

As December draws ever closer, things are hotting up on site at the Adam and Eve (sadly not literally, as the first day of the really cold weather saw the site heating pack up...). The floor is going down a treat and the scaffold has been removed from the front of the building.

Decorating is now in full swing, with the upstairs rooms almost painted, and work to shortly start on the rooms downstairs. Attention will soon turn to the garden, and the not inconsiderable task of smartening it up!

Your views are sought on how popular afternoon teas might be at the Adam and Eve? We are going to offer a full range of Illy coffees as well as a large selection of teas, but we would also like to produce our own scones and clotted cream as well as cupcakes etc. Do people have views on what might be popular? Does anyone have any really good recipes they might want to share?

All advice gratefully received!!