Wednesday, 25 August 2010



I'm talking about the enormous pile of rubbish that appeared right outside our front door at the Adam and Eve on Monday night. Some kind and sharing individuals apparently decided that we didn't have enough rubbish of our own (having already cleared eight skips from the site), so unloaded the entire contents of a flatbed truck onto the parking lot, blocking the entrance door.

To make matters worse, once we had moved this festering pile of detritus to one side (so we could actually get in and do some work), our own CDM (Construction Design Management) officer (basically Health and Safety) accused US of dumping the rubbish there (in spite of the fact we had a half-empty skip on the forecourt)!!

So, to all our neighbours and local residents: We are sorry for the pile of rubbish that is currently sitting outside the Adam and Eve on the tarmac, but it is not of our doing! We have informed the Council and will chase them daily. Of course if they don't come to clear it away very soon, we will have to foot the bill ourselves.

And, to the kindly pikeys who are now one van load of rubbish lighter, I hope your vehicle breaks down at a really inopportune time, and all your relatives have a miserable weekend.

Rant over.

Barnet Council failed to remove the rubbish in spite of our twice daily telephone calls to them and their promises to attend to it. Anyway, we have now cleared the mess ourselves. Oh well!